Kent Virtual Assistant: When its hard doing business alone

Let Kent Virtual Assistant, provide you with online support tailored to you and your personal business needs. 

I provide business support services to individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses. The services I provide range from personal assistance or executive assistance to administration, customer services, diary management, inbox management, social media presence or even travel and event planning.

Do you need an extra pair of hands to help you complete your to-do list? Repetitive daily tasks can be extremely daunting and distracting, holding you back from pushing your business forward.

Delegating to Kent Virtual Assistant's allows you to free up time to concentrate on the more important things in business and life. Clear those lists, by allowing me to help you manage your administration on a regular basis.

I offer a number of packages and rates to suit all needs.
You will receive a knowledgeable, dedicated, honest and loyal service providing you with over a decade of industry knowledge.

When it’s hard doing business alone.

About Kent Virtual Assistant?

Kent Virtual Assistant Emma Haggart

Director - Kent Virtual Assistant

Emma Haggart

After completing college I decided to go to university and study primary school teaching. Following on from university, I worked in sales and customer services for many years before starting work in London as a receptionist for a small company. This is where I fell into my love of business support and administration.


My role grew, as did the company, and before long my hard work was rewarded by a promotion to office manager and executive assistant. Working for a fast-growing global company allowed me to experience a vast array of administrative duties. This enabled me to realise the importance to support and relieve the stress of repetitive, everyday tasks, from those who have far more important business responsibilities.


As the only front of house employee, I had a wide range of job responsibilities, including office/facilities management, administration, human resources, travel and event planning, health & safety and financial services.


After nearly 10 years working in London, I left to start a family, and work from home with my husband as a director and executive assistant for our professional services company, liaising with large international clients. Whilst doing this role I later decided to form Kent Virtual Assistant.


Being a Virtual Assistant has allowed me to share my knowledge and skillset with those who struggle with the overload of admin or who need to delegate to create more time in their day. I work remotely from my home office in Kent, allowing me to create an opportunity to work around my amazing family and to share my passion.


In my spare time, I enjoy, spending time with my family, walking the dog and tending to my vegetable garden.


I pride myself on being a hardworking and friendly professional who is dedicated to easing the stress of others.


My clients would describe me as professional, trustworthy, accurate and punctual.


I welcome you to contact me so I can become the missing assistant that you need!


Are you looking for administrative support for your business?

Why not consider a Virtual Assistant?

Many individuals and businesses find themselves spending long hours working on repetitive administrative tasks, allow me to do these tasks for you.

Kent Virtual Assistant will provide you with a personal service in addition to business support, allowing you that little bit more 'me' time.

You will have no recruitment or on-boarding fees, no need to create additional office space, you only pay for hours physically worked, and you gain someone on your team with a decade office management and executive assistant experience.

No task is too small, I am always willing to learn and grow with you and your business.

Personal Assistant

★ Diary management
★ Email management
★ Gift ordering
★ Lifestyle management
★ Organising to-do lists
★ Research
★ Personal/executive assistance
★ Sourcing suppliers (cleaners, gardeners, builders, home maintenance)
★ Travel/event planning

Virtual Office Assistant

★ Administration
★ Arranging and managing suppliers
★ Customer services/Customer feedback
★ Database entry & market research
★ Document Management
★ Insurance
★ Invoicing and debt collection
★ Logo and poster design
★ Mailshots
★ Office/facilities management
★ Online presence (creating and posting social media campaigns on your behalf)
★ Sales
★ Setting up and running your home office
★ Updating Etsy stores and other sales platforms including websites.

New Property Assistant

★ Assisting house move (packing, decluttering, organising and arrangements -Tonbridge and surrounding only)
★ Arranging suppliers (cleaners, window cleaners)
★ Decluttering your home and lifestyle
★ Organising utilities (insurance, water, gas and electric etc)
★ Property search (contacting estate agents, searching property sites, arranging viewings based on your search criteria)

Please do Contact Me to discuss any other services that are not mentioned in the support lists. The examples above cover the majority of my services but do not exhaust my skills and knowledge. I am always either willing to learn or can recommend numerous Virtual Assistants who can help. I welcome a challenge!

I work online from my home in Kent supporting you and your business needs.

Rates and Packages

Kent Virtual Assistant offers several options to suit any business, my rates and packages are simple and easy to use. To find out more about my rates and packages please Contact Me.


Purchase a set amount of time every month to gain the biggest discounts Kent Virtual Assistant offers. All retainer packages are paid for in advance to secure my time, you will receive priority over Credit and PAYG clients.
All retainers are charged at a rate of £25 an hour.
Retainers start from 5 hours a month.
Please get in touch to find out more about my retainer packages.


Purchase a set number of hours, the more hours the bigger the discount.
These hours have a life span of 3 months with no rollovers. Once the credit is gone, simple you just buy more.
Credits start from 2 hours ranging up to 20 hours, with rates dropping from £30 to £25.
Please get in touch to find out more about my credits.


Pay As You Go hours will depend on availability and will be charged at £30 per hour. There is a minimum charge of 2 hours per PAYG booking. Please get in touch to find out more about PAYG.


Here are some common questions that Virtual Assistants are asked:

Q.  What is a Virtual Assistant?

A.  Virtual assistants are highly-skilled independent professionals who can provide you with services such as, administration, business or personal support. A Virtual Assistant  is the perfect solution if you need administrative help but can't hire in-house. A Virtual Assistant could be your perfect solution!

Q.  Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

A.  I cost less than hiring a new employee, meaning you do not need the extra office space and I come with no recruitment fees. I work virtually in my home office in Tonbridge, Kent. You only pay me for the dedicated hours worked, as and when required. You get an expert in the field (with nearly 10 years experience) instead of a new assistant who you will have to train.

Q.  Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

A.  We will have an in-depth consultation, working out your needs and if my skills are what you are looking for. I have a wealth of experience in office management and personal assistance, providing a very varied knowledge of all business support. Kent Virtual Assistant is here to support you and your business allowing you to create more time for yourself to manage those more important business tasks. I give honest and reliable service, sharing my skills and knowledge learnt over the years. I will create a schedule allowing us to spend those much-needed hours to help you grow and support your business.

Q.  What rates do Kent Virtual Assistant charge?

A.  Please feel free to get in touch, if you are interested or would like to discuss any of the services I provide. I will give you a tailored quote based on your requirements. I provide many rate options including retainer packages, credits and Pay As You Go (PAYG). It will work out more cost-effective than you think!



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